The Books Are Here!

Copies of my first little book of poetry arrived today and I am so excited.

It is cool to see these poems put together in book form.

Flash Boom Bang is available now at Amazon.

Some of these poems came to me in the 1980’s and never left me.

Others are freshly written.

All show a side of me not often seen by the world.

My hope is that this little book of poems inspires the reader to create their own works and share them with the world.

Life is art. The world needs art.

Make your art and allow yourself to shine.


The Joy of Contentment

Lately, I’ve been feeling a sense of contentment like no other.

Have you felt this way before?

The feeling that all is well, life is good, there is no lack, all needs are met, and the world is a happy place?

It’s a good feeling, a fleeting feeling, but a feeling we should all embrace.

This feeling doesn’t happen for me very often, but so far in 2018 I’ve found myself living with the joy of pure contentment.

Have I been to thrift stores since the first of the year?


Have I had luck finding really great stuff?


(Oh those pewter Enzo wingtip brogues!)


Does the drive to treasure hunt consume my thoughts lately?


And that’s okay.

I’ve discovered that it’s good to take a break from thrifting to enjoy the things I’ve already found and collected.

It’s good to not want anything more than what I already own.

In fact, this winter I’ve worn many of the items I found in thrift stores last year. Scarves, tops, shoes, bags…so many treasures line the walls of my closet.

I am content, and I am grateful.

Take a moment to reflect on those things you have in your life right now, both material and not.

I bet you’ll discover a treasure trove of your own.