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Are you familiar with my zine, intentional pompadour?

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If you live in the Southeastern United States and would like to see your art, words, photography, and/or music featured in this zine, contact me at and we’ll get you in a future issue.

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Books…at the thrift store?

Yes, and plenty of them!

Are you an avid reader who enjoys finding and reading obscure books? Books that were written years ago and quickly forgotten?

If so, then thrift stores are for you!

old books

Nearly every thrift store I’ve visited across the country has a book section. Some are large, others small, but all are crammed with tons of titles. There are paperback novels, huge hardcover textbooks and everything in between.

Next time you’re thinking about book shopping, why not locate and visit your local thrifts? You might be surprised at what you find.

I personally collect Signet Classics paperbacks. Nearly every time I’ve had the itch to read a classic novel, I have gone to the thrift store first and found a perfect copy of the title I wanted to read. Instead of shelling out $10 or more at a big box bookstore, I have spent anywhere from $0.25 to $2.00 for the book.

So, go visit your thrift stores. And while you’re at it, take a look around at all the other treasures waiting to be discovered. Who knows what you might find?

A new jacket? New dishes for your kitchen? A funky vintage lamp? A nearly-new pair of shoes?

You never know, so keep your eyes open and make a treasure hunt out of your visit.

Happy reading and happy hunting!

FLASH BANG BOOM – live at Amazon!

FLASH BANG BOOM is live and up at Amazon! I am so excited to see this collection of poems up and out in the world.

The purpose of publishing this digital chapbook is to inspire others to write their own poems…to explore their inner worlds and create word pictures that speak to their souls.

My wish is that these poems of mine will touch the lives of those who read them and that the words I’ve written will encourage others to go after their dreams. Go here to get your copy now. Only $0.99 for Kindle.



A book, you say? Why yes…yes indeed!

After hiding it from public view for the past 30 some-odd years, I’ve decided to open my heart and toss my poetry out into the cosmos.

My late grandmother was a poet and published songwriter. She encouraged me to write, and write often, when I was young.

I never stopped writing.

Coming soon from Amazon for Kindle, a collection of works written between the late 1980’s to present day. These are bits and pieces of my soul, my word-children, and I think it’s time to let them roam free.

Details to come in the next issue of intentional pompadour which is due to be released mid-December 2017.

Stay tuned for a release date of this latest idea! (Is it normal to be this nervous?)